Join us on a journey through five different stories to see the importance of Waste-to-Energy in creating a pathway to a more sustainable future!


On Monday 25 October, we discussed the links between non-recyclable waste and Waste-to-Energy with supporters and opponents of the technology.

Slides and Recording are here!

Waste-to-Energy’s technologies manage non-recyclable waste – waste which is unfit for recycling and reuse – and transform it into a resource, recovering energy and materials and avoiding landfills.

The Beauty in the Beast campaign puts a spotlight on the unexpected solutions offered by Waste-to-Energy to support Europe’s ambition to reach climate neutrality, reduce pollution, and move towards a more circular economy.

Find out more on how these technologies contribute, already today, to the attainment of the EU Green Deal!


There are around 500 Waste-to-Energy plants in Europe. Their services contribute to Europe’s Circular Economy and to the European targets for carbon neutrality.